Doing a server restart soon (next few minutes)!

Doing a server restart soon (next few minutes)!


If you can’t access the site, just try again in the next few minutes. Just doing a quick update :wink:


Ah ha. Interesting seeing what Google caches of the site though.


The site was down late night Saturday, early morning Sunday (U.S.). Just curious what happened? Got a “Server error 404” or something like that for a few hours.


All fixed now. The backups needed cleaned up :slight_smile:


I got a 502 error, the California police code for a drunk driver. In internet speak that’s a bad gateway. Sorry @holster the site went down before I saw the thread!


The site was totally drunk. Lol


Now we can say: “here’s my 502 cents”, being my drunk opinion. Awesome.


Yeah, there’s a suggestion for you holster. Change the 502 error page to say the website is a Mr. Drunkypants.


Not quite all fixed. That screen I sent you. Still shoots up after I click on Log in when I first arrive. Then I have to go back to the log in page and try again and it works.
And before you ask, thats on Chrome and Firefox and the moves are identical.


So far, I haven’t been able to recreate that error. I’ll keep testing!