Does this question/answer function work well? Testing ;)

Does this question/answer function work well? Testing ;)


Testing to see if the question/answer functionaility works well. Apparently if you tag your topic with “question” (in the “optional tags” box), you’ll have the option to mark a reply/response as the “answer”. Let’s see if it works.

Feel free to answer this topic as a test.


The answer is forty-two.



You win the internet today for that one :+1:


mm this is fun, you can comment or answer or vote… so many choices…


we can upvote, but can we downvote?

Oh, we can only upvote one comment per thread. Use your upvote wisely.

Oh, good. I can use my upvote for my own comment.


and now I’m replying to a comment.

the formatting is a little funky on the inner comments. The margin disappears.


Yeah, there is discussion on the software site about this plugin and there are requests for downvotes. I think just having the limit of 1 vote will help. I think its a cool feature that we’ll have. Obviously won’t be our common communication on here, but handy for some things for sure!


Yes, but you can also remove your vote from your first choice and select another!

Ah, excellent. I’m going to call that auto-evoticism. :joy:
BTW, what happens in the event a tie in votes? Which post would be on the top? More votes for Boz and lets see! :wink:


Wait, what? I don’t understand any of this.


i don’t knkow


This added functionality to allow people to ask a question and people can vote for the answers given. The highest votes go to the top of the thread. The upside is that someone looking for the actual answer to the question can find it quickly without having to read the entire thread (unless they choose to).

Obviously this won’t be typical of threads on the site, but it’s nice to have the capability if someone needs it.



Woah! this is cool! It tucks direct replies under the original responses. I like it!


Chicken dinner!



(I had to answer in at least 6 characters so a ‘yes’ did not suffice… grin


Winner winner!


Oh cool! I was testing on another thread…

and I discovered that the highest voted response jumps to the top of the replies. Very cool! This will work great for folks visiting to find quick answers to questions we’ve tackled. Great feature!


… silence as we all wait for someone who has something sensible to say…


What do you mean? I think the “42” answer sums things up brilliantly! :stuck_out_tongue: