Do any of you guys still have the PDF for the KHR setup guide?

Do any of you guys still have the PDF for the KHR setup guide?


Thank you so much Brandon! I hope things are going well for you! We’d love to hear some updates some time!!


Ah ha. Broken link. and then it worked. C’est la vie.


Hey Brandon to the rescue - good man!


I have the silver edition, and I still refer to it. I began some time ago to lightly edit it bit by bit to remove some of the fluff, (Brandon’s rant). A great tool, worth preserving, worth moving forward with. And at that point, where or what is the status of the project as it stands today?


@Kinfolk, Brandon bid us a farewell, stepped down as the ‘supreme overlord commander’ of RR, and changed careers. If you look back 5 posts, he posted all of his written material up for open source at no charge.


Hi @Jonathan, I had heard that Brandon had left for a new career, I was wondering (because of reading the previous post) if folks were still wanting to reissue KHR and where they were with it. It’s likely nothing more will come of it.


Several of us toyed around with the idea, but Brandon pretty much ended that when he tossed it out there for free. Don’t get me wrong, I greatly respect his decision to do that. One of the ideas I had was to simply part it out, post it publicly then use portions of the chapters as conversation starts on this site. Its probably actually not needed now that everyone can just download it.

As far as re-packaging it, here were the challenges and issues from my perspective:
-The marketing was spearheaded by Brandon’s eccentric personality, and rebellion against expensive toys.
-What was fun and hilarious about parts of this book, were also absurd and could be borderline offensive to some thin-skinned people. (For example, the part about punching whales in their penis’. Penis’s? Penni?? What the fuck is the plural of penis?).
-Instructional resources like this, have heavily moved toward video blog, subscription based training sites, and other experimental forms of viral marketed click-bait tutorials (here’s 5 useful pointers on how to choose a vocal mic! Don’t forget to subscribe, and to find out more…click the link below). Type stuff.

I’d be curious to see what happened when you removed the fluff! Haha!! Since it’s open source, upload your edited PDF…or if you don’t want to, tell us how many pages your reduced it to. lol. Funny.

I too felt there was meaningful content in it, if anything, because of how much I learned from it when I was first reaching out to whoever wherever to get help getting better at this stuff.


Hi @Jonathan, You undoubtedly did some recherche into this topic, well said. I got a lot out of KHR as well but I began to edit it because it took me so long to find what I was looking for and after putting in 20 minutes here and 20 minutes there, well I was wasting valuable recording time. If ever I finish trimming KHR down, do you think it will be about 9 pages? lol