Determining interest in a guitar-related contest

Determining interest in a guitar-related contest


You should check out what @Paul999 is up to over at Garage Guitar Solos!

But yeah, I’m actually putting together a few different contests at the moment. Just working out some details. Keep an eye out :wink:


Wow - that’s mega cool.
I am very challenged for time at the moment, got other big projects going - non-music related - otherwise I would have signed up for the drill sergeant.
Wouldn’t mind doing this later when I have more time…



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Yngwie, :sleeping:


I think it could be a fun thing. There’s a possibility that I would throw together a solo, depending on whether I have the time. BUT, even if I don’t enter the contest, I would still enjoy hearing what other guitarists are throwing in.


@Wicked, one of holster’s things was a lyric writing contest. I think the two of us have a what it takes to win that one if you know what I mean. Yngwie is sloppy, but I love the album he did with Joe Lynn Turner, Odyssey.


Yeah, as far as I’m concerned we’ve already won! :crazy_face::rofl: Nobody can top our lyrical prowess!!!:metal::trophy:

Yngwie has some chops but I just can’t stand his incessant rambling. I have a friend who’s a huge fan of Malmsteen’s, but I just never really cared much for his playing, as far as songwriting goes. He does some nice sweep stuff and a few cool tricks though.


Yeah, I recently noticed this after watching one of his videos on youtube. He was playing for a small crowd of people in the street, in some European country, if I recall correctly.


I like all his early singers. Jeff Scott Soto, Mark Boals, and Joe Lynn Turner. In my opinion they kept him a little grounded and made those records better. Joe especially focused on songs, love him. Listen to Yngwie’s solo on “Hold On”. Sloppy and way over the top. Joe couldn’t save them all.


not that it matters at all…but I totally disagree lol. “hold on” and “now is the time” are 2 of my all time fave solos.

Yngwie is a bit sloppy NOW…but there was nothing sloppy about the era you are mentioning. Dude set new standards for picking speed and accuracy etc…total opposite of sloppy

of course, the odyssey album WAS the first album back after his car wreck that put him in a coma and paralyzed his picking hand. Too bad huh, if not for that he would be as good as the people on music forums


They don’t call me Stan_Halen for nuthin’! :grin: But you gotta give me a high energy heavy rock backing track where I can shred and do finger-tapping and kamikaze dives. :zap:


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First of all, there’s only one true Greatest of All Time… ALI.
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Thirdly, Holster, if you give prizes to new people, you become like DirecTV, where if you are a new subscriber, your subscription is free, but if you’ve been with them for years, it’s $300 a month.

Also checked out the Garage Guitar Solos site, pretty cool idea.
It might be tough to judge a contest like this, since it could be very subjective, but however you can skew it in my favor would be great.
Maybe multiple contests, since one guy might do the Neil Young one note thing, while there are probably thousands of Van Halen guys out there just waiting to tap and dive bomb over Beethoven’s Fifth.
Another suggestion that would up the ante seriously would be a YouTube guitar smashing contest to see who really has skin in the game.


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Good to be back man. Thanks.


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