Determining interest in a guitar-related contest

Determining interest in a guitar-related contest


Good morning! (morning here anyway)
I’m going to be hosting a couple giveaways from my shop in the near future, but I also wondered how many of you would be interest in a guitar related contest on here. Maybe something like a track without lead guitar and best solo wins. I’d be up for ideas. Just seeing how many guitar players we have here and if there’d be interest. Just for fun :wink:


awww man…they dont want none of this


Can you elaborate?


I don’t know why @Jon-Jon says that, but I dislike the idea. And I have no logic for that.
Which means I must be wrong. Right?


I like the idea of having a production where there are stipulations, such as using this looped beat, or you must use your this chord progression. Kinda like Iron Chef for musicians/producers. I could certainly be into your idea.


I like that thought also. And really, I’m not just thinking guitars. I’d love to have vocal contests, lyric, even production contests. It’d be interesting to hit a number of different aspects. I’m just gaging interest at this point. Guitar just seemed like an easy place to start.


uhmm, thats a joke. You know, taunt? Wow, you guys must not have went to public schools lol.

Im the greatest
I beat Mike Tyson
Yngwie came to me for lessons
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But yeah, it could be a cool idea. The only thing i see as slightly problematic would be that whomever is using something like axe FX2 or similar will have a huge advantage over the guy who is just throwing an SM57 in front of an amp. But I guess thats life in the big city


I’m hip to your urban lingo…dog. They ain’t got teh skillz…yo. Straight outta ICQ with that beatdown IRL, yo know? …dammit, what else do the kids say now? Off the chain! It’s gonna be SO fetch!


Depends on how the contest is set up. On a guitar related one, we could even open it up to submission via youtube. I’d care more about performance than tone in this case. Details can be worked out.


I would require all submission to wear a wig, a la 80’s hair metal band, if that were the case.

edit; Or Grunge! I’d totally be down with some Cobain hair.


dunno if involving youtube would be so great of an idea…why add complexity, unless you were just looking to draw new members?

for example ive never uploaded to youtube, so id have to start from scratch there


This is by far, the main reason for hosting any contest. Free stuff has a funny way of drawing in new folks.

Yeah, it’d be a hinderance for some. There are a number of options.


in that case id assume youd want to advertise it on the popular guitar forums or have members here do it for you etc. or of course fbook etc etc

We did a sort of off the cuff “contest” a while back when i was hanging on the GearPage over a realllyyyy cheesy 80s B movie track lol


I think not.


yeah, they play 1 note and hit the “yngwie” button and thats that


The original topic…


I say try it. If people don’t like the idea they simply need not participate. There’s absolutely nothing to loose by hosting this. It would be difficult to judge. I love to see people enter submission over youtube. That could change things up.

haha!! Make them solo over Coltrane’s ‘Giant Steps’.


Isn’t that just kinda the way things work lol? Money just tends to win the day. Fact of life…ya know?

A guy who enters a piano competition via online submission using a $285,000 Bosendorfer is going to have an advantage over someone who enters playing a Young Chang upright. Cash is an advantage, let the advantage run its course. If a guy wants better tone, buy a nicer amp. At the end of the day, the better player will still hopefully win.

Actually…thinking about this more, the instrument you bring to a job interview or a college audition or anything else in the entertainment world is fair game. You either figure out how to win anyway or go home. Why try and re-write reality?


Quit trying to make fetch happen. It is NOT going to happen. :grin: (OK folks, this is a quote from a movie I’ve never seen, but I’ve read it being used in, of all things, political commentary. Just so there’s no misunderstanding.)

I would be up for taking part in a guitar-based contest. :slight_smile:


Only now saw this thread - what happened?
I want a guitar solo contest !!

I’ll come last, but I don’t give a heck.