Computer section?

Computer section?
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Hey there IRD gurus,

Back on RR we had a section about general computing issues, which I found helpful a few times. Given that we are all using computers in our work to some extent, even the outboard folks, might it not be worth having such a topic on IRD? I would suggest it as a sub-board in Recording, Mixing & Producing. Then perhaps subdivide it into Mac and Windows sections first (not married to that idea since many things are cross-platform). Threads within it could be started by whomever, for instance “Handy Win10 tips” or “Optimizing for DAW use” etc.

Just a thought! :bulb:


I’m torn between adding more subcategories and keeping things super simple. The advantage of this software is that more subcategories on here isn’t as intrusive as a lot of other software. I’ll likely add that. In the meantime it can just be under the recording category :wink:


Copy that Bryan!