Chat function

Chat function
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I just added a chat plugin to the site. You may have to refresh the page to see it. You’ll see a bullhorn icon in the upper right corner next to the search icon. Give it a try!

There are ways to set up channels, etc. Quite a few capabilities, but lets see how it works first :wink:



It’s cool exploring the different options… :sunglasses:
Having said that, I’m now wondering how long before the bad manners start… hah… yeah I sound like a prude but sometimes I just can’t quite believe how rude people can get. I guess there’s no way to moderate the chat so will watch and carry out a private competition with myself to see who strikes the first blow and who bites back… [ironic grin]…


Good, I like to gab. I will be good too:) I don’t see any bullhorn…heck I don’t even see cows


Agreed @Emma… if it devolves into a flamefest, I’m outta there.


Did you find it yet? it’s in the upper right corner. just to the left of the search icon (on desktop browser).


Hi boss No I am finally good with not figuring things out like this. I can build a house or overhaul and engine with my eyes closed, but the little things get me. No big deal. I see a magnifying glass, three bars and my ugly face. Don’t worry about the chat thing, I talk to myself all day long.





Oh! you need to refresh the page. I had to a couple times before it showed up on mine too!


No such animal on mine. do I have to download something? thanks for the graphic ha ha



You mean people being rude to one another. No not here, not with folks like me around.