Can't See My Profile Icon....?

Can't See My Profile Icon....?


Usually when I’m on this site I can see my Profile Icon (it’s a pink W). Does anyone know why I can’t see it today? It says there are 18 people online right now but I can only see 15 Profile Icons…Mine and 2 others are not appearing right now. Has anyone else noticed this? Any ideas what may be causing this issue?

Not a big issue, but I’m curious to find out what the issue may be.

Oh…I also just now noticed that many of the Profile Icons are absent from where they usually are, on the left side of the thread topics…


I thought you did that on purpose, as to say there there was no pic there intentionally. That thought was abandoned once I started seeing others with it. Then I started to think that it was this movement, like in memory or celebration of something, like pink ribbons around a tree. There must be some glitch somewhere.


I see that it is getting worse, there are more missing since this morning, it’s like zombie profiles. I’m getting off this site before I get bit by some no icon zombie.


Are you calling me a zombie? :zombie:


< Ahhhh, look at that …to the left <

Missing Profile Icon/ pic ! Something isn’t working properly on this site today. :face_with_monocle:


I think this is happening to a number of people


It’s definitely worse today. I guess I had started noticing it maybe a week ago, but it didn’t really register. The “people online” count has been off for at least a week IMO, but I don’t pay that close of attention so I can’t say for sure. At quick glance I just noticed some ‘aberrations’. Probably for a week or two, at least one icon was doing weird stuff on threads. Now there are a lot more.

Bryan @bholst, please don’t let this site crash like RR did. :slightly_smiling_face: I was just thinking about how bots were a problem a few years ago (new post pending for my AI thread).

Another oddity … as I’m typing in the left side “edit” window. the avatar names (at least Wicked with no icon) are flashing in the right side Preview pane. The re-quote of Jonathan (in Preview) has the icon and is not flashing as I type, so it only seems to be happening to some profiles.

RED FLAG I did have an ‘incident’ a few days ago where I had quoted someone’s post and hit that “thought bubble” icon in the toolbar to post their re-quote, and as I was composing or saved the post some of the quotes disappeared. That may be related to the profiles too?


Zombies I tell you, they are here.


I see there are some software updates I can do. Maybe that will fix the prob :slight_smile:


Shows up on mobile, unless problem has been resolved.


I’m doing some software updates right now, so hopefully that’ll resolve any weirdness you guys have experienced. Although, this only pertains to software/website weirdness. I have no control over any weirdness y’all have personally :stuck_out_tongue:


FWIW, I think it was just happening to those with “default” icons, not those who had uploaded their own pics… It looks like it’s all good now though.


the last update I did should’ve resolved it all :+1:


The site is not only fixed but the font looks even better than before. :thinking: Seems more legible than it was…Maybe I’m just hallucinating…:crazy_face:


No, it’s true, you look great Wick. :heart_eyes: