Bashing bash this recording

Bashing bash this recording


So after I figured out where that mic shootout came from, I ‘enrolled’ in Produce Like A Pro to see what was going on. I was particularly interested in how the Warren Huart ‘personalized critique’ system worked. And given the quality of that last multi-track session, I wanted as many other sessions as I could get.

So here’s what’s going on. He uploads a monthly multitrack, everyone submits mixes of that track, then he bashes those. Whats cool is that Warren does it as a video feed. Whats not cool (though perfectly understandable) is its the same damn song.

What is very interesting to note is his forum activity. The first column is the number of threads, the second column is the total responses to all threads.

That entire forum is almost entirely riding on his ‘bash’ category. This is partly because Warren is a fairly credentialed engineer, but regardless I still think this tells us something about what people are interested in these days. Another thing to note, is that every single one of those people pays monthly to be there.

Just an interesting to see how other sites do the ‘bash’ thing.

Does anyone else happen to have a subscription to Warrens website?


It’s really hard to get those kinds of numbers without some sort of “star power” driving it. What we have here is very niche and doesn’t appeal to 99% of people who are learning to record. The bones are here, but the marketing and publicity side is definitely not.


I’ve followed Warren since his first video uploads. Apart from his serious industry credentials, the reason for his success is that he is RELENTLESS! Being an incredibly hard worker with an appealing and genial manner who moves with ease among the musical and audio elite doesn’t hurt either.

He posts personalised videos almost daily. He went for perhaps a year and half like that, posting all free content and gathering followers before he launched the paid tier of his site.

It’s no happy accident - believe me, the man is a machine.


I completely agree with you. What got my attention was how much people really value the personalized critique. And how many people were willing to pay for it. At first it looked like he never even visited his own forum. Now I see that he’s highly active in just one part of it. Then I realized its more of a vlog than a forum.


I think mix with the masters also goes to show how much pros are willing to pay to learn from other pro engineers.

Have you taken a listen through his feedback section? Some of those mixes are damn good, and he as a LOT of quality mixes submitted every week. And what I did notice as well is that he keeps up with them…its seems he’s figured out what thousands of people are willing to pay him for, and he’s prioritizing accordingly.

The staff is struggling though. The rest of that site is badly under resourced and isn’t in good shape right now. Tell me if you agree. I don’t feel the value of the additional paid content makes any sense when the pricing structure of MTWM gives you everything for free.

I have to stay active for another 13 days though, then the rest of the content unlocks. I’ll see what happens in 2 weeks.