Are you sure we're done...haha

Are you sure we're done...haha

Hey MrJ…how you doin by the way. I have been messing with those chords. They will fit perfectly in both examples. I feel like axe 101 tho. Ha ha I might have to strum them individually .
I am retired and should be able to put all the time I want into studio work, but I have many big projects going on. Presently gathering all un-needed scrap metal together. I have almost two tons so far. Hard hot work. I hope you are well. Thanks for the direction tips. I appreciate those who KNOW

No need to repay me, Paul. I just wanted to help you out. I hope my example gave you some ideas. My pleasure to help !

My girlfriend said to me today, “Is that your song that you were playing last night?” “I like it”.
I told her that I was recording an idea for one of the guys on “that recording forum”.
I’ll play her your song when she’s not working to get her opinion. I’m pretty sure that she’ll like it. :+1:

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I would be pretty much lost without this site. Hard to find new hobbies at this age.
I came up with some lyrics and a pre-chorus that might slide in there maybe. Gonna try tomorrow morning. Then a new chorus with some punch. Might eventry some drums later on? So many way to go. that is the fun of it. Peace to you and your gal

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I almost never read sheet music anymore (now I am quite rusty with that); and I never was that good at reading sheet music even after 5 years of piano lessons. And I am much better at music theory on keyboards than guitar; I never took guitar lessons. Some chords that sound good on keyboards don’t always sound good on guitar and vice versa. And I was never good at knowing what is a logical chord progression going only by music theory; I just keep experimenting until I hear something I like. Anyway, I like what you have so far! Nice melodies, audio, guitar playing and vocals! None of the Beatles can read sheet music by the way.

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Oh dear…
That should have been a B-flat … No wonder it didn’t work for you. Sorry Paul, my mistake.
I think I like Johnathans ideas as well, but I don’t have a guitar within grabbibg distance. I’ll try later.
Good luck!

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Ha ha It should have tripped with me. I do follow orders as I salute my wife. I will go back now and try it. cheers

Doin good :slight_smile: Not playing a whole lot of music these days or doing recording, but it’s nice to chime in threads like this when I can.

Key’d instruments tend to lend themselves to theory better. Not because keyboard based instruments (piano, b3, accordion, xylophone etc) are superior in anyway, but because the mechanical system that triggers pitch intervals is symmetrical. I know my way around a guitar fretboard pretty well, but I don’t even try and conceptualize theory on a guitar fretboard.


That’s actually a playable progression, but maaaaaaybe not for this particular song :stuck_out_tongue:

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Reminds me of one of my favourite (early!) Beatles songs: ‘Things we said today’. The verse is basically an alternating Am, Em, then the chorus goes to C, Bb, F, Bb and back to Am Em Am. That Bb in the chorus is surprisingly beautiful in itself, but then you get the middel bit where the Am is modulate to an A major: A, D7, B, E7, A, followed by repeat with a big surprise: A, D7, B, Bb, Am . Wow !

Maybe thats an interesting new thread: “Chord progressions that just blow you away!”

Ok, here’s my suggestion for the chorus:

( C )Are you sure we’re (Cmaj7) done you know I’ve (C7)t ried to move (A) on

We(Dm) really had it (Dm7) goin …so what (G7) did we do so (Em)wrong

( C )Are you sure we’re (Cmaj7) done I’m lyin (C7) here it’s near (A)dawn

(Dm)Do you still (F) think of me …(Em)where have you (G7)gone ( C )

I remember that song. Wasn’t it “someday when you’re dreamin” something like that. My fav beatles chord progression “if i fell in love with you” I play it for parties. How the hell they got back to Em I will never know. Will mess with this new one after my chores :slight_smile: Hauling a few tons of extra steel to be scrapped today. take care

Whew, i thought I might have pissed you off with some stupid comment I had previously made. I tend to do that (daily). I lost Emma that way. Another on FB yesterday. I told a friend that he looked stoned on a pic of himself. He told me he was unhappy and that his grandkids see his stuff. I just don’t think.
Anyway, hands down, your talent is off the charts. How was that for a suck up? There I go again.
Gonna try your suggestions. I worked for an hour this morning on a pre-chorus and it just sucked, so I am presently stuck. i walk away and hit it again later. thanks Andy for taking the time to jot this all down. Was wondering if you grabbed the guitar and experimented, or just suggested through logic?
best to you

I worked it out with guitar in hand, like I do most things. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Got it. Now sing the chorus for me or at least a few notes to get started. I have played the progression a bunch of times with some different melody lines. Very interesting to say the least. thnks

Oh Sir Feak…your wish is my command,

Pretty close to your melody, with some variation. Excuse the very rough recording - the neighbours have builders in making a HUGE racket (illegally- since we’re officially under lockdown conditions - I might add).

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Holy crap that was amazing. There is no way I can sing this as good. ha ha
This sparks ten times the interest, let alone your awesome voice. I am so stuck in the sixties and simply can’t break out. Like the sound of that guitar too. Wish you could see me rocking my head back and forth as I listen.
I always have said "it doesn’t hurt to ask. This gesture takes time to learn the words and put something together. Very lucky you did it. For now I am going to put this in and finish the song even with the two different vocals. I have a prechorus that is iffy I will post for a thumbs up or condemnation???
It might inappropriate to ask but It would be very cool if I could hire you to sing it all. I don’t pitch my stuff, it would be just for great memories. I have one with Emma and another with Dave. I treasure this kinda stuff. Either way, this was very nice of you to do.
Update. You apparently figured out the bpm at 80 because it just fit right in and sounds awesome. I just came down from the studio to write down the chords for the baseline. Not sure of the pre, but will shove things around and try a spin with it. exciting stuff

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Hey Paul - glad you like the idea. I’m certain your vocals will be a billion times better than mine. I barely have the stomach to inflict my vocals on my own songs, let alone on someone else’s! Cheers, mate.

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Oh, your modesty almost exceeds your talent. Sing the main line and let Feaks harmonize with you. ( In hockey terminology Feaks would be Feaker’s nickname, as in “Feaks saw me open in the slot and got it to me, and I one timed the biscuit in the basket”. ( For Aussies who might not know hockey speak, the translation is Feaker had the puck, and saw me open in front of the net, so he passed it to me and I shot it in one motion and scored).

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Bob I just freakin like the way you think. I am a little more outspoken each day as I get aged. I usually say it, forget it, and later slightly regret it.
In Andy’s case, you kinda want a piece of that action. Not just his voice, but the creative side as well. There is no way in hell I would come up with that chorus chord combo.But on the other hand, I haven’t heard him ever sing a sappy ballad. Might be a touch embarasing. I know our band guys won’t even consider different songs anymore.
I downloaded and placed his track in the session and it was like wow. I also played some L &R Breedlove and a bass. I got done and thought now what. I can’t sing it that good and the final product will be a little wierd having two singers.
I will sing it and finish the track. If the song was like really special, I think it would be a different story.
I just know the songs I did with Dave and Emma, would be crap without that input. It would be cool if there was a lot of collabs here.
So Bob, the best to you, now I have to get the puck out of here

As long as Paul doesn’t mind me ruining his song… :grimacing:

Paul, your singing on the verse is so great, I would be guaranteed to butcher it if I tried.

Ah, c’mon, I just ripped half of it off The Beatles’ “Something” and the rest from Gary Moore’s “Still Got the Blues” :grin: Anyone could do that!

In any case, I’m glad you liked it.

This is a really sweet song, and that is why I was inspired to contribute.

… by the way, I love your mix - it sounds great, Paul, and I mean that! I love the slap-back echo you have on your vocal - it is perfect for the song. Despite your strenuous protestations to the contrary, you’re getting very good at this recording and mixing racket! (if I ignore the noise you left at the beginning :wink: )

Well if nuthinn else the song gets us talkin to each other. I should have recognized the “something” progression. I play that all the time. One of the only songs I can play the lead break because it is slow.
Most of my S1 vocals have a thing(under analog delay) they call sweeten the vocal. It is set at 16% and I usually bring it down to about 6 ish.
I mowed the lawn yesterday without the dreaded full bore 3M mask and paying for it today. I tried singing along with you. After i played it back I had to leave the session for fear of breaking something I was laughing so hard. I have to sing the high stuff sorta part fallseto and it sounded chipmunky.
Truth be told I used some of the lyric notes from the song Ventura highway. Chewing on a piece of grass …When we played it in the early 70’s our lyrics were "smokin on joint of grass stumblin down the ro…oh oad… got some looks. Anyway, minimal theft is acceptable…right???
I only stay for 30 to 60 minutes at a time. I get stumped, leave and have more coffee. Hope you are safe down there. My covid in january bout done me in. Just now getting peppy again. later man

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