Allen and Heath ICE16

Allen and Heath ICE16


I’m looking to offload my Allen & Heath ICE16 interface & multitrack recorder.
Here is a review:

Its in superb condition. I don’t think I have the original box however.
It is too many channels for what I’m wanting to do and although very cool, I don’t get much chance to use its’ recording facilities.
So it has:

  • Firewire/USB2 interface
  • 16 analogue inputs & outputs
  • Inbuilt recording facilities direct to a USB stick. (Really good for recording live shows for example, or if you need to move around a lot), with playback facilities
  • Very nice converters with loads of headroom.
  • 44.1 - 96KHz
  • Headphone output
  • Core Audio compliant

Bought new for £800 (~900 EUR)
Looking for 575 EUR

Make me an offer :smiley: