A request

A request


A special request… Please consider adding indie recording depot to the whitelist of your adblocker software. Ads help cover costs for this great site and we try not to flood you with them. Every little bit helps! Thank you everyone!!



done. .








Can someone post the steps to do this on a mac? I’ll add it on all of my computers.




I tried, but I can’t get it to work on Whitelist on Adblock Plus when I put in “http://indierecordingdepot.com/”. I put the www. in there too and it still didn’t work. I’m willing to do it for you Bryan, if I can figure out how.


I’m testing adblock on chrome and I just clicked on the ‘disable adblock on all pages of this site’. Not sure if that’s an option for you?


Done. I also sent a link to Rusty Frets Guitar Shop to my guitar friends yesterday. That may or may not hep this site but it is nice to be supportive all around.


I sure appreciate it!! You rock! :beerbanger:


I found it I think, says “Disabled on this site”. Done.


Bryan, any word on the ad blockers for mac?

I almost exclusively use Safari. If I’m seeing this, the add is considered ‘shown’…right?


Correct! Thank you!!


Same here. Ad Block on FF…